Your music made available on the best web platforms around, an impressive DJ Promopool to dip into of over 40,000 active industry contacts plus valuable promo marketing support for your new releases, monetising of your YouTube videos and an internal Antipiracy tool ensuring that music stays safe. Label sales are updated hourly so you can track them personally.


You can also count on customer e-mail/chat support 24/7 if need be. An added bonus is the optional in-house compilation program to maximise revenue return from your catalogue.


Here's what we do:


  • Direct delivery to the largest store & streaming partner network the industry has to offer. 

  • Collect whatever neighbouring rights & publishing royalties your music is bringing in. 

  • Monetise your YouTube videos while guaranteeing absolute protection. 

  • Daily sales from Beatport, iTunes, Traxsource, Juno, Spotify and more. 

  • Our Anti-piracy Protection Service keeps your music protected from file sharing sites. 

  • Free ISRC & UPC. 

  • 24-hour handling & distribution. 

  • Promote, market and get your music out to our network of industry partners. 

  • Put together compilations from previous releases. 

  • Upload to your SoundCloud & YouTube channels in one dedicated platform. 

  • Upload your music into Koda with web uploader, Dropbox or SoundCloud. 

  • Beatport charting subscriber statistics. 

  • Pay our artists directly through our reporting tool. 

  • Payments can be made via bank transfer, PayPal or through Western Union. 


Releases available on :

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